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Who we are and what we do

We are a Hungarian Astrologer couple working together, based in the Hungarian capital – wonderful Budapest. Very enthusiastic about helping people to find their way in private and professional life. With our spiritual experience we guide individuals to solve their situations easier and show a perspective how to live a balanced life.

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“Astrology is much more than a horoscope you can read in fancy magazines or websites. With 27 years experience I can say, that anyone’s and anything’s Life Path map is written in the stars. But you are the only one who decide which way and how you go on your Life Path.” /Attila Elemér Dévai/                                   



A Radix, birth chart horoscope or basic horoscope is one’s Life Path map that can be set up for the exact place and date (year, month, day, hour, minute) of birth of a person or a thing. It is very useful if we want to understand better our facilities, capabilities and aptitude. 



If we already prepared someone’s or something’s Radix report than we can make a short term horoscope – yearly/ half-yearly/ monthly as well. This can show the possibilities for the given period.

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Sky map of a given moment of time. Gives possible solutions for everyday situations like buying a property or a car. Finding the reason of negative life situations.  

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Impact of two birth charts – RADIX horoscopes on each other. Helps to understand the other person better. Shows the strength of the connection or the distance between them. You can get an answer on how to solve crisis in your love life! 


What people say about us

I met Attila Devai 12 years ago when he did my first astrology analysis and since than I'm asking for his advice regularly several times a year. During this 12 years, I lived in Russia, Turkey and now in Dubai. His advice was always very up to date and useful in all area of my life. I would never take a major decision without his consultation. The key areas where I need support from his side the most are investments, choosing a new job or businesses opportunities, education of my children, parenting, choosing school for my children. I would definitely recommend Attila's servise for everyone! Why would you take more risk and disappointments when there is a solution to reduce it!
Edit Szentirmai
Edit (Dubai)
I was extremely pleased with the reading I received from Attila and Zsófia. The consultation was immensely insightful and an excellent introduction to the vast art and science of Astrology. The reading was interesting, supportive and informative. Zsófia and Attila are naturally thoughtful and thorough I recommend them to anyone interested in exploring their own life!
Marianna Wise
Marianna (Washington DC, USA)
Music Together teacher
For years I have been working with Attila, he has been always very attentive, accommodating and genuinely caring. He is not a simple astrologer. He possesses a unique talent to understand your character and approach you accordingly. He is always well-prepared and literally reads the charts. His services can be used to simply satisfy your curiosity about your Life Path or to solve difficulties you may face in your private life or in business. I highly recommend his excellent services to everyone!
Urgen Balla Melinda profile
Melinda (Dubai)
I have always been intrigued by Astrology and always wanted to get a personal reading but I never found someone who spoke to my soul with authenticity and deep rooted knowledge about this subject in the States. After extensive research I finally decided to go for a reading with Attila beacause he has extensively studied and practiced astrology for many years in Hungary and I felt both Zsofia and him have such a wonderful authentic energies that I felt like I was in good hands. I was right! My reading was very thourough and over all a fun light experience of self discovery. Zsofia and Attila explained everything to me clearly and took their time to make sure I understood my charts and all the signs. I even received an email with a detailed summary of my reading which was so wonderful and helpful. If you have been looking for a geuine personal astrology reading Attila and Zsofia are the real deal. A truly special uplifting healing experience!
Laura Correa
Laura (Washington DC, USA)
Beauty Business Owner
Dear Master! As Saturn stepped in Capricorn let me say thank you for teaching us, for the guidence that took us up on the rocks, for the the solid basics that we could build on. Thank you for changing my way of thinking dramatically from horizontalt to vertical. This was the biggest gift in my life that I’ve ever get. On behalf of my fellow classmates every day I’m very thankful for the opportunity that you shared your knowledge with us. Astrology is beautiful in more ways, it has practical benefits, helps to understand every day situations and gives possibilities to change some things and accept the unchangeable. Wish you good luck on your way and a cheerful whole life!
Maria profile picture
Maria (Hungary)
A horoscope analysis from Zsofia and Attila, one of the best birthday surprises ever! It was fascinating to find out how many things we can learn from our Birth chart horoscope - Radix, determined by the exact date and place of our birth. They can also have a huge impact on our lives. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and knowledge. We did the consultation on Skype, and despite the many kilometers and oceans separating us, your energy and vibrant personality made it an unforgettable memory even on the phone. Thank you!
Bea Pole Bokor profile
Bea (Nelson, New Zeeland)
Owner of B!Social - Social Media Expert
I got my first analysis from Attila a year ago, when he made my Radix reading. He explained my signs and their meaning on my life. I had the chance to discover for the first time that there are 3 main signs (sighns of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon) affecting us and shaping our lives, which was very interesting and made sense in certain things I did not understand before. I found it impressive that he could read things that happened in my life without ever meeting me, knew a lot about my character and future potentials. It really seems like lots of things are written in the stars. Overall it was a great summary to understand myself and my Life path. 2 months later I had a chance to meet Attila in person in London when he gave me a forecast for the next year. This is called Time horoscope chart reading, Solar. It is extremely useful when we are trying to decide about our career – the time might not be right for a change or even the opposite: the next couple of months are ideal to plan our next step in business or professional life. I also tried the transit Moment in Time when I needed an important advice concerning my health. There was a scary situation in my life when I needed to take a decision wether to stay abroad or go back home. I was really impressed when the analysis said that the issue was going to be sorted out here and it happened accordingly. I would recommend everyone to ask for an analysis from Attila before any important decision. It helps a lot in those moments when we are really not sure which way to go. For me it became clear, that we don’t know so many things about ourselves. These astrology analysis really help to discover our potential and is a fun way to find out why we react and behave in certain ways. Start your exciting journey today, send your datas in the contact form and ask for an appointment from Attila! 😊
Eszter Somlai
Eszter (London, UK)
Sales Manager
I met Attila for the first time when I was 16 years old, 13 years ago. That time my mother was a student at Attila’s Astrology School and she wanted me to ask for my birth chart- Radix interpretation. I had no idea what Astrology and the horoscope analysis were, but finally I took courage and time to listen to Attila’s advices. I had to write down everything what Attila said, I wrote about 10 pages. He told me very interesting things and collerations and most of the informations were new for me. Attila gave me exact advices for several situations and it helped me a lot. All of his tips and warnings took me foreward in my life. A few years later I asked for my yearly Solar interpretation and Attila opened up my eyes in all fields of my life. With his help I learned, that everything happens for a reason and the people you meet on your way is also not a coincidence. Attila became not only my life and business mentor, but he also gives regular advices for my family members and friends. He helped me to quit smoking and to stop other harmful passions. Regading my love life I can also say thanks to Attila, with his guidance I managed to finish a damaging affair and finding myself again. We set up together a business strategy and I started my own meat-packing company in Hungary which runs very well. I can only be thankful to Attila and warmly recommend him!
Andras Demcsak profile picture
Andras (Hungary)
I got my horoscope constellation interpreted yesterday, for the first time with very clear indications, transparent life purpose and causal conditions – which all made so much sense to me & reassured my intuitive guidance. No speculations, but precise road-map to the path I am walking, just like a compass from above. Passionate Astrology applied in a very professional, absolutely scientific way – and explained with an eye clearing simplicity. The outcomes are food for heart, thought & action or decisions. Delightful side fact, I got it from a very dear friend of my family, whom I have not met since my childhood. I remember Attila reading my parents horoscope, when I was a kid and telling us heaps of fascinating stories about ancient science, history, life & the universe – which I never got tired listening to. If you wish to have any indication from the stars above for your life or for a specific question – I can recommend highly & wholeheartedly – not because he is a friend, but because the insights I got yesterday were so matching, that they even kept me awake last night... so just make sure, to save some extra time for reflection, before you start to read your personal outcome! 😉 His life partner and Astrology student, Zsófia is equally charming & professional. She will ensure you get your individual reading done online & in perfect english.
Hargitay Reka 2
Reka (Innsbruck, Austria)
Yoga teacher and Healer
I would like to take the chance and say thank you to Attila and Zsofia. It has been an amazing appointment with you, thank you for helping me to understand myself and know myself better. At the moment I am in an undecided situation, after this appointment I feel much better and had a clear mind for myself and current situation. In longer term, the horoscope reading helped me a general view about my life challenges which I need to work on and it actually reflected my experience so far. It helps me to focus on the characters or weaknesses I need to improve. In a short term, my year review helped me to make a decision according to my current situation. I would like to have a horoscope reading on yearly basic, and it really saved my energy for something unnecessary. And the way Sophie explained me everything was so interesting, she told me all details patiently. Thank you again for the amazing time we spent together, and surely I will keep you posted about my progress. Let us keep in touch.
Jenni profilkep
Jenni (Beijing, China)
Sales Manager