About Astrology

’The planets, Sun, Moon and zodiacs don’t cause things to happen to us, only indicate and predispose, with our free will given by God Today we create Tomorrow!’

Astrology is much more than you can read in fancy magazines or websites. With 27 years experience I can say, that anyone’s and anything’s Life Path map is written in the stars. But you are the only one who decide which way and how you go on your Life Path.

Astrology looks back to at least 8000 years according to our recent knowledge. It is an experimental science. In ancient times astologers drawn up horoscopes, charts for social situations, changes, wars, crowning of kings, emperor’s life changing events, foundation of churches, cities. From these times till today most of the high educated people were familiar with astrology, to mention a few: Hermes-Trismegistus, Plato, Archimedes, Aristotle, Ptolemaios, Hypatia, St. Thomas Aquinas (San Tommaso d’Aquino), Leonardo, Newton, Milne, Jung and so one.

Nowadays astrology is still a very useful science, it has a raison d’etre.

Astology is not a palmistry or fortunetelling. The function of the heaven is similar to a precise, puntual swiss watch with several clock hands. 12 zodiacs symbolizes the 12 hours.  Allegorically the clock hands mean the movements, progressions of the planets and the angles projected on each other in the Solar System. Complex geographical, characteristics and sociology knowledge is needed in order to find realistic experimental correlations in the charts, destinies.