Radix - Birth chart reading till now

Anyone or anything can have a horoscope. 

Each horoscope chart is 360°, by analysing we follow the next steps:

12 houses represents different areas of life

– the situation of the Sun means consciousness, mind and value

– the situation of the Moon represents the soul, changes and acceptance

Ascendant, the rising sign, that was rising on the Eastern horizon when someone/something was born, represents the body, temperament, attitude and activity

Planets and their situations in connection with the angles 

The exact datas are essential. In order to analyze a birth chart, Radix we need the following informations:

* Place of birth (coordinates of the place, time zone)

* Date of birth (year, month, day, hour, minute,) In lack of hour and minute we can only prepare a Sunhoroscope, not a Radix

* sex, marital status, educational level, profession

Analysing a 360° horoscope takes us 4 -6 hours, therefore the ‘Please have a quick look at my chart’ doesn’t lead to puntual result. For detailed work we need proper time. 

After we receive the exact request and the punctual datas we’ll send a feedback and start working on the horoscope and will provide the horoscope report in PDF format.