About Attila

I am a full-time astrologer, this is my profession

I come from white-collar family. My parents were high educated people and they subscibed for several newspapers, magazines. My favourite one was the ’Universe’ magazine and I couldn’t wait to receive the latest editions each month. When I was about 7 years old I already loved reading and I read everything that came across. I was so excited about this astronomic magazine. There were a lot of interesting things about the Solar System among others. I run to my mom with the magazine telling her that I know all the planets in order by heart except this Pluto, that I always forget. My mom hugged me and told me that you won’t have anything to do with this Pluto, go back to your room and learn mathematics instead.

She was absolutely wrong… Today I’m considered one of the 12 prominent leader Astrologer councillor at the Hungarian Astrology Association.

My main areas are teaching caracteristics, coaching people with astrological methods and giving presentations in different topics all around Hungary. I have experience with almost 9600 horoscope analysis. Most of my clients regularly ask for Natal Chart – RADIX, guidence in relationsip, finding a date for wedding or divorce, support with raising kids, purchase or selling real estate, business consulting.

Is there something missing on this picture? Yes, the Pluto 🙂

My professional backgroud

In late 90s I graduated from Dharma Gate Buddhist College after studiing Astrology for 5 years. When I finished 3rd grade I already gave presentations in public at a mystic meeting about the social effects of Solar Eclipse that happened in 1999. I highlighted the historical, folklore and biblical collerations.

My first book

In 1991 I published my first book ’Introduction to Hungarian Sepherd Astrology and symbology’. The book is a result of 6 years of research in the territory of Great Hungary (today some parts belogs to Slovakia, Romania-Transilvania and Ukraine). 

This year I was elected among the 12 councillors at the Hungarian Astrology Association thank to my folklore, historical and social research work.

Since than I continuously teach in Hungarian cities and I give presentations 8-10 times a year about my researches and findings related with astrology. 

I published my research studies regularly in the Hungarian Astrology Association’s yearly antology magazine called RADIX.

Topics of my research and presentations are the followings: ancient global history, big eras of the Hungarian history, recent social situations, relationship problems and solutions, advices.

I publish regularly on my Hungarian Facebook page. These actual astrological analysis and transits will be published at this site’s blog soon. 

About Zsófia

I graduated at Corvinus University of Budapest as Economist, Marketing Manager. I worked for 10 years in multinational environment being successful as business woman. As I speak English, German and Spanish and bit of Italian I traveled a lot mainly in Europe and had a chance to do businesses also in Asia, Dubai and South-America. During my travels I met a lot of exhausted business people who were tired of every day hard work, deadlines and business travels. They needed a mental, spiritual and physical refreshment. I belonged to these group of people as well and started to learn, practice yoga and meditation. I realised that when I explained these excercises for my friends and colleagues they regularly asked for more and more advices and tips.

I decided to start teaching traditional hatha yoga 5 years ago. Since than I enjoy a more harmonic life, than before. This balanced state of mind helped me to attract my soul mate, my love Attila. We share the same vision – helping people to make their life easier and more enjoyable, more colourful and solve their situations creatively and effectively. I started to learn astrology at Attila’s private school more than a year ago. I help him in translating horoscope interpretations and consultations for English speaking clients all around the world. We are proud to be able to raise people’s vibration and activate their fresh energies achieving healthy body-mind-soul triangle.

Our story

Zsofia’s sister lives in London. She came home for visiting the family and when she went back Zsofia accompanied her to the airport. There was a huge crowd at the cheking and a young couple stepped next to them asking for help. The guy asked Zsofia and her sister if they could help his girlfriend with checkin and stuff, because she will fly alone for the first time and she doesn’t speak English. Zsofias sister immediately said ’Of course I can help you’. When they said goodbye to the girls Zsofia stayed with the guy and started to talk. The guy asked her if she would like to move abroad as well, and Zsofia said, that ’I’m not planning to move but I’ll travel very soon as well and might stay for a while’. The guy replied, ’Well before I make any important step in my life either regarding my business or my private life I always consult with my astrologer, who is supporting me since my childhood, and I would recommend you to ask an appointment from him, I’m sure he will give you very useful advices’. Zsofia thought that spirituality is not so far from her, but never asked for an astologist consultation before, doesn’t know if she will believe what the astrologer will tell her or not, didn’t have such experiences so far. The guy replied ’You don’t need to believe in astrology, it is working perfectly! I experienced it several times. It is not prognostication but situation analysis and characterictics! ’

Next day Zsofia asked for a consultation from the above mentioned astrologer, guess who – of course Attila!

And her life changed wonderfully… 

In our Radix – Birth Chart horoscope synastry there is dual relationship between us and our magical life – written in the Stars – started. We are an astrologer couple working together for a year now, helping many people to find their way in private and professional life. With our spiritual experience we can help for huge amount of people to solve their situations easier showing a harmonic, balanced life.