Birth chart horoscope, basic horoscope or Radix can be set up for the exact place and date (year, month, day, hour, minute) of a person or a thing. If something is missing or not sure than only a random horoscope focusing on an actual situation can work. The more punctual the datas are clearer the answers are, more deatiled the birth map is. Radix is the basics of further horoscopes, someone’s or something’s basic life chart.

Analysing a 360° horoscope takes us 4-6 hours, therefore the ‘Please have a quick look at my chart’ request doesn’t lead to puntual result. For detailed work we need time. 

The exact datas are essential. In order to analyze a horoscope, a birth chart, Radix we need the following informations:

* Place of birth (coordinates of the place, time zone)

* Date of birth (year, month, day, hour, minute,) In lack of hour and minute we can only prepare a Sunhoroscope, not a Radix

* sex, familial status, educational level, profession